I hope this finds you safe and well

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I hope this finds you safe and well

by Phil Hill

A5/148mm x 210mm
40 pages
Saddle stitched
card softcover with risograph
Uncoated 150gsm

Watford is a between place. Located inside the M25 but not London and within the boundary of Hertfordshire but not the pastoral countryside ideal of the home counties either. It is also a place that I have lived for the past 7 years without feeling properly connected to so I have spent the past few months attempting to have a proper dialogue with this place, which has helped me to re-evaluate the idea of home and sanctuary, forging a new relationship with this space and the people I share it with.

In ‘I hope this finds you safe and well’ Phil Hill takes us for a walk in Watford, the place he lives, a place that feels in-between one thing and another. This sequence of images wasn’t made with the intention to describe Watford in any kind of objective way, but rather for the photographer to start a dialogue, to learn something about this place. It was an opportunity for the photographer to explore a gap in connection he felt with the place he lives, an opportunity to explore that space between one thing and another.