Balance in Absence

Balance in Absence

Balance in Absence
By Kieran Liggins

A5/148mm x 210mm
40 pages
Saddle stitched / Risograph with gold powdered ink dust Jacket
Uncoated 170gsm
published 2020
(packed in biodegradable wallet)


I saw an opportunity to see physical change in the world around me. I saw an opportunity to integrate myself within a different culture, to be part of a community that is not my own.

I searched in the act of photographing and the language of images to translate something about my experience, something personal, something concrete, something I could build and share.

I was drawn to a notion that the people and the place were closely integrated and it guided me as I developed the photographs for this project

I wanted to declaim my obsession with building atmosphere and creating a fabricated space out of an existing one. however being in this new environment, surrounded by the rich textures and rhythms of rural Nepal, allowed me to document rather than create.